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     Our house feels so much cleaner now that our carpets have been thoroughly cleaned by WestHarrowCarpetCleaners.
Sienna H18/12/2023
     In my opinion, it's well worth hiring them - they are diligent and do a great job, and they don't cost an arm and a leg.
Ricki K.20/11/2023
     My previous cleaning service went out of business. I started asking around and Cleaning Service West Harrow kept coming up. Many of my neighbours use their cleaning services, and they are quite affordable, so I figured why not? They have been great. My place always looks amazing.
Jill Lawson21/05/2020
     We had a really nice time with cleaners of this company. They were always wearing a smile, and so polite too. I don't think I am ever going to have my cleaning needs handled by any other cleaning company.
     Hiring cleaners was a decision I wasn't sure about, but as soon as I met my new house cleaner from WestHarrowCarpetCleaners I knew I'd made the right choice! My cleaner was friendly, lovely to chat to, very professional and also very skilled. Stain removal was a doddle, and deep cleaning every area of my home was a fast process. Five stars!
G. Steward29/01/2015